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How to prepare for QCI Yoga Certification Exam

What is QCI Yoga Certification Exam

The QCI Yoga Certification is a credential to your resume if you want to make a career in practicing Yoga. The QCI Yoga scheme was launched by the Ministry of AYUSH on 22 June 2015. The scheme aims to spread India’s traditional knowledge worldwide with credible systems and certifications are the way to ascertain that only competent professionals are practicing and teaching Yoga. Currently, there are 2 levels of certification – LEVEL 1 – YOGA INSTRUCTOR & LEVEL 2 – TEACHER. In this article, we’ll explore how to prepare for the QCI Yoga certification exam and the resources that can be used in the preparation.

QCI Yoga Certification

Registering for QCI Yoga Certification Exam

Please follow this page to know all about the registration process and fees for QCI Yoga Certification Exam.

Syllabus for QCI Yoga Certification Exam

Currently, QCI  doesn’t prescribe any book to follow for QCI Yoga certification exam. However, QCI prescribes the syllabus that is freely available on their website. Yoga official guidebook for both Level 1 and Level 2 is available in eBook format freely available on the QCI website and can be accessed here.

QCI Yoga Book

There are many books in the market to learn and teach Yoga in general. However, there is one book which is provided by QCI Yoga in eBook format on their website mentioned above. The QCI Yoga book is also available here.

Please note that QCI doesn’t make it mandatory to follow this book only and candidates are free to follow any book they want. You will require Flash installation to read this book.

Language for QCI Yoga Certification Exam

At present only Hindi and English are allowed within India. If you are appearing for the exam from Japan then Japanese is also allowed. For rest of the world, only English is allowed as of now.

Model Questions

QCI has provided with a set of questions for QCI Yoga certification exam, which can be used to practice. Please follow below links:

Level-1 (Hindi) questions

Level-2 (Hindi) questions

Level-1 (English) questions

Level-2 (English) questions

Viewing Results for QCI Yoga Certification Exams

The result of the candidates is published directly on the dashboards of the candidates. Candidate can log in to their dashboard via our website for the results. The results are not made public respecting the individual privacy and will not be disclosed publically.

Certification Registry

QCI maintains a database of all the professionals who have successfully completed the QCI Yoga certification exam. This central repository can be claimed by Yoga professionals as a proof of their credentials. The master list can also be used by prospective employers to verify that the professional is genuinely certified. Also, this central list will ensure that anyone looking for certified Yoga instructor can easily connect with the certified instructor of his choice.


If you are not satisfied with your marks for QCI Yoga certification exam, you can apply for revaluation or rechecking by making a small fee payment. Payment can be made by cheque, DD, or NEFT to QCI. However, please note that you need to apply for re-evaluation within 15 days from the date of result declaration. As per the guidelines revaluation should be completed within 30 days from receiving the payment.


  1. Kindly can anyone guide us on how to register for the exam and the criteria for applying. I am a yoga practioneer.


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