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POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan – scheme for Holistic Nourishment

POSHAN Abhiyaan is PM’s overarching scheme for holistic nourishment. This is India’s flagship programme to leverage technology and improve nourishment for kids, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. Its vision is to build a malnutrition free nation by 2022.


POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan

POSHAN Abhiyaan (i.e. PM’s overarching scheme for holistic nourishment) came into existence on 25th May 2018, when GOI renamed previously existing National Nourishment Scheme(NNM). The scheme aims to ensure service-delivery and interventions by use of technology. The main idea here is to converge all existing nutrition-related schemes and set up a proper monitoring mechanism to reach the targets over next few years. The future plan for the scheme is to cover all 36 States/UTs and districts in a phased manner. Initially 315 districts in 2017-18, 235 districts in 2018-19 and the remaining districts in 2019-20. Around 10 crore people will be benefitted by this programme.

Key Stakeholders

POSHAN Stakeholders
POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan Stakeholders – Various ministries form a core group to partner on technology, led by MoW&CD.

Jan Andolan Strategy

POSHAN Abhiyaan Jan Andolan is primarily based on key principals of – Aspirations, Collective Identity, Nudges & Rewards. Here are the main objectives of Jan Andolan –

  • To make awareness regarding the impact of malnutrition and prepare the country to act against it.
  • To mobilize the communities and different sectors to consume food which is rich in nutrients.
  • Campaign for and build knowledgebase for breastfeeding. Spread awareness towards maternal nutrition and adolescent nutrition practices to prevent malnutrition and anemia etc.

Engagement & Implementation Plan

1. Planning Parameters

State/UT will come together to develop a joint and comprehensive Jan Andolan plan. The plan will be designed for the whole year and will keep the theme of the year in focus while preparing the plan. States will also keep in mind that they have to consider the local issues and specific action items regarding the nutrition that is specific to their demography.
  • States can decide on weekly/monthly campaigns across the platforms.
  • They will ensure that the campaigns are designed around a specific date (For ex. deworming days – 10th Feb).
  • Decide initial sets of themes.

2. Key Nutritional Behaviours

A defined set of behavior can help many nutrition problems with children, women etc. These well thought out set of behaviors have been added to Jan Andolan themes already identified as well.   For example theme Optimal breastfeeding :
  • Newborns start feeding within the 1st hour of the birth
  • Mothers should maintain breastfeeding between 4th to 6th months.
  • Kids who are small, preterm or sick, and cannot suckle, must be given special care.
  • All infants must be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months

3. Platforms, Tools & Materials

Jan Andolan will be using following listed tools and platforms –
  1. Media
    • Community – Nukkad Nataks, Local folk songs, drama, dance
    • Social – Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp
    • Mass – Television, Mobile, Radio
    • Outdoor – Wall paintings, Hoardings, Bus Panels, LED scrolls
  2. Community Groups
    • NSS, NYKS, Cooperatives, Children’s School cabinet, Scouts & Guides
  3. Individuals/Influencers
    • Influencers – Local Leaders, Faith leaders
    • Frontline Workers – ANM, ASHA
    • Celebrities – Sports, Actors, Politics

4. Activities

As mentioned above, Jan Andolan interventions are expected to be based on different platforms. National, State and District level teams will require to manage roles and responsibilities. Binding factor for all of these teams will be the core message being forwarded and storyline of the main scheme. Any new effort being devised has to be scalable enough which could be replicated everywhere. For proper penetration of the scheme, it is very much necessary that the relationships are grown at the root level.

5. Roles and Responsibilities

For Jan Andolan to be effective, all the responsibilities have been distributed at National, State, & District level.

  • Key responsibilities for National Level will be to ensure administrative and implementation guidance for Jan Andolan. Also, to partner with relevant bodies and institutions outside the government, who are interested in supporting the Jan Aandolan at State level. They’ll also be responsible to develop tools/material for Jan Aandolan and monitor and assess it
  • State Level will manage to finalize the Jan Andolan plan of Action. They will converge with related departments for all the activities and partner with state-level bodies for execution. Another key responsibility at the state level is to provide training programs for the scheme.
  • District level will be core teams to execute the plan. The district teams will create District Jan Andolan plan of action, monitoring the activities on the ground and data reporting to the central teams.

Jan Andolan Dashboard

All the planned activities related to POSHAN Andolan will be monitored in a quantitative way by capturing all the related data properly.

  • As the penetration of Android mobile is ubiquitous within the country, a POSHAN app will be used to capture activities at the community levels, Anganwadi workers etc.
  • A Software tool will be created to capture the ground level data and a dashboard will be displayed with all the analytics generated after processing all the data.
  • It is also planned that all the activities on Media, broadcasting and advert buys will be monitored using traditional media monitoring systems.

Monitoring & Assesment

As detailed above, all the activities related to Jan Andolan will be captured by the means of technology and tools. State and National Teams will monitor the dashboard and checklists to ensure that the reach of the initiative and quality of the services provided. The Jan Andolan impact will be measured through the external surveys. MoW&CD will be guiding a development partner consortium to achieve this.


India is a vast country and malnourishment of the children is a really huge problem. There are many schemes to help and reduce this problem for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. However, the level of malnutrition and related problems still remain very high in the country. The main reason for this is lack of data and a common approach to analyze and monitor this data to reach the common goal. POSHAN Abhiyaan through robust convergence mechanism and other components would strive to create the synergy.


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